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Young Businesswoman

Job Openings

We are on constant look-out for talented and enthusiastic aspirants to join us. Interested candidates can mail their updated resumes to

Office Assistant


Performing various administrative tasks and assisting the employees of the company.

Handling day-to-day office activities such as calls, emails & client visits.

Office Management.

Data entry, documentation, paper & filling work.

Sales & Service Engineer

Onsite installation, calibration, validation, commissioning, troubleshooting, servicing & repair of various equipment.
Day-to-day planning and management of the site.
Resolving problem raised during work.
Ensuring that work complies with regulations, health & safety.
Ensuring that all the instruments used and work performed are as per specifications.
Reporting to senior management on daily basis.
Preparing cost estimates and ensuring appropriate materials and tools are available.
Providing technical advice and suggestions for improvement on particular.
Resolving technical query raised by customer.

Open Positions: Open Positions
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